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Summer 2019 Brewfest – The Music

Woodstock 50th Anniversary Tribute

Friday 4PM – 5:45PM

The Slope

Slip-sliding into Portland and The Couve with lyrical original tunes that groove and re-imagined covers that rock! We pay tribute, in our own strangely Slopey way, to Woodstock-era heroes like the Beatles, CSN, Bob Dylan and Paul Simon. Our original tunes vary widely, from pastoral ballad to Floydian dreams, garage rock to Latin-style romance, and even gospel-singalong fun!

Friday & Saturday 6PM – 9PM

Echoes of Yasgurs

Echoes of Yasgurs consists of experienced entertainers that love the groups that inspired the music of Woodstock, Woodstock itself, and the bands that were born of that pinnacle of rock music history in 1969. From the origins of rock n roll like Buddy Holly to Crosby Stills and Nash  to the Eagles, Echoes loves to play the music of a generation raised on Rock.

Saturday 12PM – 12:45PM

Brady & Friends

A musical collective of friends with a diverse range of backgrounds spanning theater, radio, live music and more, Brady & Friends is the result of a unified passion to celebrate life in song. This eclectic 8-piece act first met in community theater, sharing the stage as actors and musicians before branching out to live music in SW Washington. Brady & Friends bring to the 2019 Summer Brewfest song selections from bands such as The Mamas and The Papas, Jefferson Airplane, Joe Cocker and more.

Saturday 1:15PM – 3:00PM

Dan Dingman

Dan Dingman fell in love with music as a toddler, and has been playing guitar and entertaining people since the age of 7. His tasty guitar work coupled with his strong, clear voice makes him a joy to experience. He has the unique ability to take the songs you remember, and make them all his own.

Saturday 4PM – 5:45PM

Burn Band

Burn was formed when Jim Bognatz & Stewart McPhereson [from Ordinary Joe] decided that they would start a fresh poject that would be all about good music, good attitudes, & good times. They’ve asked Dave LaMora to play drums, & Jeff Yohe to help out with Vocals & Guitar. Starting out with a base of mostly Classic Rock, Burn is adding a more fresh mix of music that will have you dancing & singing along.