Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Are minors allowed?

ANSWER: No, current WA State regulations prohibit minors from any special event beer garden. The State classifies The Vancouver Brewfest as a beer garden. 21 and over please.

QUESTION: Are babies allowed in strollers?

ANSWER: No, current WA State regulations do not differentiate between infants and other minors. 21 and over please.

QUESTION: Is there a weekend pass?

ANSWER: No, but if you come Friday and keep your glass and wristband you we have free re-entry for you Saturday 🙂

QUESTION: I can only go one day, is there just a day pass at a lower price?

ANSWER: Yes, each day is a day pass price.  If you’re lucky and can come both days see the answer above on weekend pass question.

QUESTION: Can we use leftover tokens from previous Vancouver Brewfest events?

ANSWER: Yes, please do!  They never expire.  Of course we can only honor Vancouver Brewfest wooden tokens.

QUESTION: Is there anything other than beer? I don’t like beer.

ANSWER: Yes, we know some beer lovers have non beer loving friends and family so we have a variety of cider, mead, and Naked Winery will have a selection of wines for you to enjoy.

QUESTION: How much does it cost?


QUESTION: How much for designated drivers if we are not drinker? Why is there a charge for DD’s?

ANSWER: Yes, designated drivers will be $7 to get in and will have a special wristband marked as a DD.
The Vancouver Brewfest helps support three local charities and raises money for Northwest Battle BuddiesSecond Chance Companions , and the local chapter of the Disabled American Veterans.

QUESTION: Do you need volunteers?

ANSWER: Yes, we love having volunteers. Please go to Volunteers to sign-up and see if there is a spot open. First come, first serve.

QUESTION: How many tokens for a sample?

ANSWER: 1 token will get you one 4 oz sample with very few exceptions. We do have a limited number of expensive beers that require 2 tokens per sample. Naked winery may also have a wine or two that could  be 2 tokens per sample.

QUESTION: How much do tokens cost?

ANSWER: Re-buy tokens for $1.25 each.

QUESTION: Are tokens good at vendor booths?

ANSWER: Yes, tokens are good as cash at all vendors at the token purchase value of $1.25 each.

QUESTION: Do all the vendors take tokens?

ANSWER: Yes. Without exception food vendors will accept your tokens good as cash at $1.25 per token.

QUESTION: Are pets allowed? 2 part answer

Answer: Yes. At the August Vancouver Brewfest pets are allowed along with well behaved parents.  We’ll have water bowls for your 4 legged family members around plus water stations with bottled water for free for the parents 🙂

ANSWER: No. For the Spring Brewfest we ask you keep your pets at home, except for service dogs. We do not have the space to accommodate pets and humans both under the crowded tent.

QUESTION: Can I bring in food from outside?

ANSWER: Sure! The farmers market is next door and food from anywhere is welcome. We will have 5 of the best event food vendors in the area serving food at the food court as well. See who we have at the Brewfest this year.

QUESTION: I’m going to need a ride home, who should I call?

ANSWER: We have our great sponsor Vancouver Cab standing by ready to transport you safely home all weekend. Your wrist band gets you $5 off your ride home and your E-ticket gets you $5 off your ride to the Vancouver Brewfest. Give them a call at 360-737-3333 and get a ride to and from the event! You won’t even have to find parking that way.

QUESTION: Do Disabled Veterans really get in free?

ANSWER:  Disabled Veterans always get in free and simply need to show some sort of ID at the gate.  You’ll just need to buy a glass for $5 and tokens 4 for $5 if you want to sample.  If you just want to get a non-drinking designated driver wristband and get free non-alcoholic beverages There is absolutely no charge.