The Brewers

Beerded Brothers Brewing
Papa J Bear Stout
5.7% 19 IBU’s
We have made this wonderful stout into a root beer cream stout. Serving this on nitrogen!

Dirty Hands Brewing Company
Evisceration Pumpkin Porter
IBU-40.3 ABV-4.7%
Doomsday Brewing Co.
Patient Zero Oak Aged Vanilla Porter
6% ABV 35IBU
Secondary fermented with vanilla beans and aged with French Oak this beer is a deep, rich brown with a mocha head and plenty of luscious vanilla notes in the nose. The flavors are sweet chocolates, spices, smooth cream and a nice oak finish.

Undead Chihuahua Golden
4.5% ABV 30IBU
The Undead Chihuahua thinks its bigger than it actually is. The 2-row base is blended with caramel malts and specialty grains to give a light and very drinkable texture. Light saaz and mt hood hop additions in the boil present a malty nose with a slightly bitter tail. This beer is all bark with no bite. Unless it’s chewing up your pant leg.

Heathen Brewing
Sinderalea Pumpkin Ale
ABV 6.0% – IBU 13
Imagine if you could pour a piece of Pumpkin pie in your glass. Now think of a light crisp body that is easy drinking with the smell of pumpkin, cinnamon & nutmeg. This endeavor was monumental with almost of full pallet of pumpkins were skinned, cubed to be used in the Mash as well as the boil. This isn’t out the can pumpkin and you can taste the difference. Leave the whip cream at home and take a slice home in your growler.

Mt. Defiance Wine Company
Hellfire White Wine Columbia Gorge 2008
This rockin’ blend of Pinot Gris/Chard/Gewürzt/Riesling/Sauv Blanc dances with notes of honeysuckle and freesia highlighted with Granny Smith apples. The finish is dry and lusciously long with a touch of flint. Lovely as an aperitif or with pasta, quiche and summer salads. Also delicious with Asian inspired cuisine.
Loowit Brewing Company
Lich King IPA

Special release for the Zombies!

Mill City Brew Werks
Log Splitter Imperial IIPA (10oz)
ABV: 10% IBU: 100 SRM: 18