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Register Your Brewery

Brewery must provide:

  • 2 Faucet jockey box and full CO2 tank
  • Something for kegs to sit in, like an ice bath
  • 1 half-barrel keg of each type of beer & 2 quarter- or sixth-barrel reserves for each beer. Un-tapped kegs will be returned at the end of the event for full refund. Kegs will be stored on-site in a refrigerated truck.
  • Beer details for each beer – you may not be near your booth at all times, and you want people to know what they’re drinking!

Load in: Friday between 11AM & 1PM
Load out: Sunday between 8AM & 10AM

ALL BEER is purchased at regular distributor-to-retail price.

Each brewery is responsible for securing their CO2 tank to table leg with zip ties or other securing device (per Fire Marshal safety dictate) by 1 PM. The Fire Marshal demands inspection several hours prior to gate opening at 4 PM or will not allow us to open on time.  Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Each brewery is responsible for having their beer station set up and pouring without foam by 4 PM when gate opens to the public.

Brewers may use their space to market as they wish. Feel free to hold raffles, swag giveaways, and simply be around to talk to Brewfest goers!

Brewery marketing fee:

The marketing fee of $300 provides: your brewery name and beer information listed on the event website and printed program; placement of one banner no larger than 4′ x 4′ near your assigned brewery space; freedom to decorate the assigned 4′ table area as you see fit – including table cover and skirt; and 4 Brewer Master tickets

Volunteers will be provided to pour your beers. Brewers are NOT permitted to pour beer. Brewers/Brewery reps are encouraged to crowd mingle and give out swag.

There are no free pours for brewers.

Brewery Registration Summer 18

  • Brewery Contact Information

  • The person that we'll contact to represent your listing.
  • ... as you want it to appear in our printed program and signage.
  • First Brew

  • ... as you want it to appear in our printed program and signage.
  • Second Brew

  • ... as you want it to appear in our printed program and signage.
  • We'll have a special tappings tent, so feel free to bring a sixtle of something extraordinary!
  • Payment

  • Invoice will be created in Square and sent to you
  • If yes, we'll follow-up personally with you.